How it works for beginners

This is a website ordering test template, you can here place an test order,
Feature: After completing the order
– you will receive a message on smartphone from your order
– you will receive an e-mail in the mailbox of your order
– 你将在智能手机上收到订单消息
– 你将在订单邮箱中收到一封电子邮件
* This application is for restaurants
1. Click the button above and it will automatically download to your mobile phone and install it.
2. After the installation is complete, find the installed App in your mobile phone, and open it.
3. Contact technical support to connect your site
* 此应用程序适用于餐馆
1. 点击上面的按钮,它会自动下载到您的手机并安装.
2. 安装完成后,在手机中找到已安装的App,并打开.
3. 联系技术支持以连接你的站点.
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